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I am a convert to the Catholic Church after serving in ordained ministry for more than nine years in another denomination. I hold a bachelor's degree in history, a master's degree in historical theology, and another in systematic theology, and am currently working (very slowly) on my doctorate. I work in Christian Education and Formation and teach at the University level. I am blessed with a wonderful wife and eight great kids! When I'm not studying, reading, or blogging, I enjoy eating and drinking! Like Bilbo Baggins, I have been specializing in food for many years, and my table has a high reputation!

Friday, August 12, 2005


Well, I've finally taken the plunge and have decided to try out this blogging thing for myself! We'll see how it works out!

My intent is to use this forum to share views and comments about issues which happen to strike my interest. What typically strikes my interest?
  • Religion -- I grew up in the Episcopal Church USA, and spent 11 1/2 years of my life in the Charismatic Episcopal Church -- 9 as a member of the ordained clergy. After a spiritual journey of some years, I converted to Catholicism. It's been quite a ride!
  • Politics -- I am way to conservative for my liberal friends, and suspiciously liberal in some respects, for some of my conservative friends! Some would suspect me of holding libertarian tendencies -- and they would be correct, but many libertarians would view me with deep suspicion!
  • Economics -- Let me be blunt. I am in favor of a return to the bi-metallic standard (gold and silver) which served our nation very well for 150 years. I make no apologies for this whatsoever!
  • Books -- Enough said!
  • Baseball -- You don't think that baseball is important? You might want to quit reading now! I am a lifelong fan of the Baltimore Orioles, and since moving to Wisconsin also follow the Milwaukee Brewers. My great love, however, is for the game itself. You might find some surprising opinions expressed here!
  • Food and Drink -- Isn't everyone interested? Like Bilbo Baggins, I have been specializing in food for many years, and my table has a high reputation!

Anyhow, welcome to this blog!

Papa Z

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