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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Come Nineveh, Come Tyre.

Allen Drury -- 1973

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Blogger Bryce Johnston said...

David-while referencing sources on Allen Drury, I came across your blog. Just to show you that "great minds still work together", I offer you my own poor effort, which was recorded on a radio show website Forum from Detroit, Michigan.

A Cautionary Tale for Our Times

Can we trust our modern media to report the news, quickly, accurately, and straight down the middle? Not any more, if the evidence of our eyes and ears is to be believed.
One would think that with satellites, cell phones, mini-cams, laptops and the World Wide Web, that Truth would just come pouring out, unbidden from the pens and voices of today's "journalists". Why it does not would take several books to explain, and, as John McCain would say, "My friends, we just don't have the time."
The question on the table, then, is: Will Barack Obama's Lies Catch Up With Him in Time?

In the fifth novel of his double trilogy, (a sex-ology? Oh, my!), "Come Ninevah, Come Tyre", the late Allen Drury painted the bleak portrait of the ill-fated presidency of Senator Edward Montoya Jason, Ultra-Liberal scion of California landed gentry. Published in 1963, "Tyre" was the "alternate ending" book to "The Promise of Joy", where, (eerily), mainstream Liberal Senator Orin Knox of Illinois is elected president, and stands up to the Soviet menace decisively. Knox is a hardline anti-Communist in the tradition of Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson of Washington, or perhaps, our own Senator Phil Hart. I recommend the entire "Advise and Consent" series to anyone who can find it and take the time with it. I believe you will find it uncannily prophetic.
In the Jason story, things don't go as well.

As it happens, there is a very underreported story going on right now that parallels the Drury tales so closely, that it got me out of bed at 2 a.m. to write this. I guess some ideas take time to percolate to the top. But this is just a matter for me now of adding two and two...just connecting the dots, and not liking at all where they lead.
In "Tyre", while Jason is running, strange things happen to his opposition. Candidacies are derailed, careers are ruined, scandals are exposed, and that's before the election.
Afterwards, a "Goon Squad" emerges, and starts handling "crowd control" for the president -elect. They surround the Supreme Court and intimidate Members and staff, while legitimate police do nothing. Ultimately, after the Oath of Office is administered, and Jason officially takes the reins of power, the "goons" descend on the offices of the networks and the newspapers in several cities, whisking the editors and executives who first supported, but then turned on Jason, away to what could be described as "re-education camps."
We have something of the sort happening right now, in, (where else?) Chicago.
Obama is so upset that he is still being tied to William Ayers, the University of Illinois-Chicago professor and co-founder of the domestic terrorist group Weather Underground, that he has tried to sic the Justice Department on a First Amendment, non-profit group called The American Issues Project. Their ad can be seen on the National Review Online website, as well as and others.
More ominous than this, however, is the case of Stanley Kurtz. Kurtz writes "The Corner" column for National Review Online (NRO), and is a Senior Fellow for the Ethics and Public Policy Centre.
He first attempted and failed, then finally succeeded in gaining access to something called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), an organization funded by $50 million, or about 10% of the $500 million Walter Annenberg granted for the improvement of public education. William Ayers formed the Chicago group, and by all reports was instrumental, if not directly responsible for appointing Barack Obama as its CEO.
If you've ever wondered why Obama never touts this "executive" experience, read on.
The gig lasted from 1999 to 2001, when the CAC was phased out and replaced with another board, which Obama also sat on, along with Ayer's brother and father.
The records and papers ended up being donated to the University of Illinois-Chicago William J. Daley Library. When the connection was made, Stanley Kurtz requested access as an accredited journalist. It was granted, then denied, then granted again.
Meanwhile, the Chicago media began warily hovering over the grand opening of this new "can of worms".
Now, this gets more interesting, and this is where the parallels with Drury and "Tyre" came screaming at me in the middle of the night.
Stanley Kurtz was invited to sit on Milt Rosenberg's radio show on WGN-AM on Wednesday, August 27, for two hours to talk about his research. Before the show even went on-air, thousands of angry e-mails, and hundreds of calls had been received at the station demanding that Kurtz not be allowed to speak at all.
NRO blogger Guy Benson, who sat in on the show at the studio paints a picture of "extreme desperation" and "ignorance" among the callers who finally were allowed through for the final 30 minutes of the show. The e-mailers, who were inspired to write to the station by the "Obama Action Wire" called Kurtz a "right-wing hatchet man", a "smear merchant", and a "slimy character assassin". He does say that Rosenberg, the host got in the line of the night. They had been giving the disclaimer over and over that the Obama campaign had declined their invitation to send someone to be on the show. Callers kept saying that they "were all at the DNC"(Convention)
Milt countered with, "The Obama national headquarters is just down the street from here. They obviously have time to send out these angry e-mails, but they can't walk a few blocks to our studios?"
I don't know if there will be any "smoking gun" in the CAC papers. Another week or so of collating, then condensing notes, and then formulating conclusions, and we will at least know more about the Ayers-Obama connection than we do now.
But, shouldn't we already know enough about the character of the man?
When he's caught in one lie, he tells another bigger one to cover it. He denies associations when written, audio, and even video evidence exists to the contrary? He denies, obfuscates, backtracks, dumps friends of over twenty year's standing when they become "inconvenient" to his cause. He rallies "goons" on the flimsiest of evidence to overwhelm and intimidate? If this were Stalin's Soviet Union, he would be golden.
But in 2008 America...I ask again...can we...can our Children afford Barack Obama?

P.S. David, this was first posted to the Forum/Blog section of in September

Bryce Edward Johnston AKA "Wyandotwhynot"

4:22 PM  
Blogger David Zampino said...

Thank you, Bryce, for your insightful comments. Indeed "great minds DO still work together"!

2:29 PM  

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