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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


. . . and after faith -- and ONLY after faith -- politics!

I posed an interesting question to my students a few weeks ago. It was a potentially politically incorrect question, but it generated some good discussion. Please bear in mind that this class involved a group of working adults, not traditional undergraduates. Represented in the class were males, females, Caucasians, African-Americans, Catholics, Protestants, and "seeking".

I asked this question:

Do we conform our political views to our faith/religious views? Or do we conform our religious views to our political views?

I think that this is a fair question!

What do you think?


Papa Z.

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Blogger Chuck Z said...

JWe should conform our political views to our faith.God has a heavenly kingdom,and he wants usual to bring that heavenly model here to earth. Thy kingdom come,thy will be done. When we conform our faith to our political views we become in error with the will of God.We take something earthly and make it heavenly. This does not work. Many great men in the bible of failed because of this exact idea. David when he gas taken upon himself to move the ark of the covenant. It was a noble idea.Some could also say it was the right thing to do in the eyes of religion. However David found out this was not the will of God. Sometimes we as christians take on things that God had no intention for us to be involved. It might be a great cause. We then like David become angry when things don't work out and want to blame God. Like Jesus we are to do the will of God for our lives. Seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will fall in line.

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